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We are now introducing a way for you to share your views in VehicleTracker with the world, we call it Publish. The Publish feature is currently available in the labsupdate repository.

Publish enables you to show vehicles in a View from VehicleTracker on another web page as an embedded map, for example a live public view of selected vehicles on a corporate site or a blog. To install, setup and use the Publish plugin please follow this guide.

Tock Touring

  1. Install the latest Publish plugin from the repository.
  2. Enable the Publish plugin in your application.


  • If you’ve never updated from, choose Change URL at the Plugins page and enter Hit your Enter key and proceed as normal.
  • How to Manage

    To be able to Publish a View an operator needs to be member of a role that has the Publish privilege enabled.

    Follow these steps to give Publish rights to a user:

    1. Login with administration rights to your VehicleTracker application and click on Roles in the Admin menu.
    2. Select the role that you want to give rights to
    3. Find the Publish privilege and enable it.
    4. That’s it. All users in that role will be able to publish Views that they have access to.
    How to Use

    Log into your application as a user with Publish rights

    Open up the Publish window found in the Windows menu.

    Follow the Publish wizard, it is divided into 4 steps:

    1. Choose a size for your map
    2. Choose what logo you want to display in the map footer and what address you want the image to point at
    3. Enable the current View. You can also Disable the View if you do not want to Publish it anymore
    4. Copy the code and paste it into the right place on your blog/website

    Note: You can select another View in VehicleTracker to change it in the wizard.

    Additional Notes

    Publish is a brand new function for VehicleTracker, please tell us what you use the Publish plugin for and what you would like us to include in future updates.

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