Customize your GpsGate Server - Reports

You can customize your reports in many different ways: in the layout or by editing their queries adding new fields.

Apply your company logo

To be able to use your company logo in your report, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Upload your image to any available image server (you can use for example
  2. Paste your image link enclosing it in the following HTML format:
  3. Configure the cell to be able to handle HTML content:
  4. Save your report and make sure you activate it in your application

Result (click in the image to enlarge):

Edit the layout properties, add new columns or rows

With the toolbar in the Layou Editor you can simply change colors, fonts and borders sizes, etc, for your different rows or columns in your report.

To know all the options in the Layout Editor, read the reporting manual

Adding new variables to your reports

You can add additional fields to your reports, for example signals mapped from your device mapper or rather Custom Fields. Examples of how to add new variables you can find in the following guides:

Adding parameters to your reports

You can add parameters to your reports. Parameters will allow the user to select which data will be filtered in the report (eg. Time periods parameters, user Tags parameter, etc.)

Adding charts to your reports

You can add charts to your reports by following the guide described below:

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