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Design Improvements

Today we are excited to share our thoughts on upcoming design improvements for GpsGate Server.

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Fuel Theft Alarm

GpsGate Server can help you to detect possible fuel theft, loss or leakage by using a script in your Event Rules. You can setup alerts when a significant loss of fuel is detected in your vehicles.

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How to combine Custom variables and Device mapper scripting

In this guide we want to demonstrate a real-life use of custom variables and device mapper scripting. Device mapper scripting can solve problems of the sort "If I have one or more input signals from my GPS device and I want to decide what to do in the output using different formulas". On the other side, Custom Fields allow us to assign non-standard properties to our vehicles/units like registration number, fuel tank size, vehicle color, etc. A practical case using both solutions would be for example if we have different fuel tanks in different vehicles (vehicles can have different fuel tank sizes). How can I adapt the fuel level signals to display the correct values (liters for example) for my fleet?. The difference between non-linear mapping is that in this case we will use a vehicle property and a GPS input to generate the correct output.

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Web Service Scripts

Web Service Scripts provide a flexible solution to create and publish customized Web Services using Javascript.

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Device Mapper Scripting

For device mappers we have introduced a concept called scripting. GpsGate variables can now be assigned the result of a user defined script, this allows you to create more complex mappings between variables.

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GPS in browser

GpsGate Client can make your web page position aware. Fill in the location as part of a web form, or display your position on a map in the browser. The possibilities are endless as GpsGate Clients connects your GPS to the web. And it is free without time limits.

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