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Geocoder Integration with GpsGate Server using HTTP

This blog will demonstrate how to integrate a geocoding service over HTTP with GpsGate Server. A simple xml-based protocol is defined which allows 3rd party integration. We show how to configure GpsGate Server to communicate with the geocoding service, and how to use the appropriate tools to test the integration.

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GpsGate events to your business system

It is easy to create an Event Notifier to signal a custom server over HTTP when something happens in GpsGate VehicleTracker. You can for example let GpsGate send a signal to your business system when a vehicle enters a geofence, a driver presses SOS, a driver logs in using an IButton or if any other conditions using Event Rules.

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Make GpsGate Server run faster!

As your GpsGate Server installation grows and the server load increases, you really want to know what is going on there inside GpsGate. What is taking the resources, and how can it be optimized. This blog gives you an introduction to profiling and tuning your GpsGate Server installation.

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