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How to add custom fields in Maintenance Reports

Adding custom fields in the Maintenance Reports could be useful if you want to display additional information, for example, the service cost or the replaced parts in the maintenance event, etc. To add custom fields in the Maintenance Reports, follow this guide.

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Trip and Idle and Parking report using event rule

Scripting is a very powerful tool inside GpsGate server when it comes to customization. In this example we will show you how to use scripting to extend trip and idle report with parking state.

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Keep track of all your temperatures!

The right temperature is critical for transports of food, medicine, animals and other sensitive goods. It is important that any temperature deviations are quickly detected and alerted upon. With a suitable tracking device and scripting it is easy to add advanced temperature monitoring to your GpsGate Server.

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Generate your own border report

This guide will show you how to generate your own borders report (country, provinces, jurisdiction, etc.) similar to the IFTA report. This report is useful to know the number of kilometers/miles driven by your vehicles grouped by border and vehicle. The report has no impact on the usage of the geocoder.

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Troubleshoot your reporting issues with Task Viewer

The reporting framework has now a new tool called Task Viewer. You will be able to troubleshoot your reporting issues as well as being informed about what reports and applications consume more processing time in your platform.

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Adding Parameters and Time Periods in your reports

If you want to customize certain reports like Breadcrumb (BC1000) or Maintenance Service History (MT1000) you may want to add to them the possibility to select Tags instead of a single vehicle/unit. Another possibility could be to add a time period to the Maintenance report where this is not included by default. To do both things we are going to use as a reference the Maintenance Service History report. Follow these steps:

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