Developer information

Developer toolsGpsGate Server is built with modern internet technologies like AJAX, XML/JSON, .NET, MySQL, MS SQL.

We are working hard to make GpsGate Server the preferred GPS tracking platform for developers to build on and integrate with other systems. Evidence of our efforts can be found in the open architecture, extensive support for scripting, our SOAP APIs and SDKs.

As a developer you have the opportunity to add support for new tracking devices, integrate GpsGate Server to other systems, build custom report plugins and add other functionality to GpsGate Server.

GPS Tracking Device integration to GpsGate Server

GpsGate TrackerOne

GpsGate TrackerOne is a reference design for how a tracker unit interacts with GpsGate Server.
TrackerOne can be implemented as a software client on a mobile phone, or similar mobile device. Or as a black box tracker device. The TrackerOne reference design is focused on tracker / server interaction and leaves the field open for how the actual software and hardware is designed and implemented.

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Server Side integration to GpsGate Server

GpsGate Server Developer’s Guide

Server side integration can be done in three different ways: Through the server side .NET business logic, through remote access using GpsGate Server Protocol and through direct database integration.

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