GpsGate Server Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Get started with GPS tracking quickly!

GpsGate Server Starter Pack is an easy way to get started with GPS tracking. There are two GpsGate Server Starter Pack options, the license option is free and the subscription comes with a 30 day free trial period:

Subscription and License comparison table

Description Starter Pack Subscription Starter Pack License
Payment model Subscription for five users:
USD $49.75 (Monthly fee)
License for five users:
Updates Included during the subscription period Free updates are included
SMS support Included in the subscripition Handled by the customer
Server hardware Included in the subscripition Handled by the customer
Installation, System management and Backups Included in the subscription, handled by GpsGate Handled by the customer
Map Agreements Google Maps are included in the subscription Handled by the customer, if required
Server API:s Yes Yes
Branding Yes Yes
Get a free 30 day free trial Download GpsGate Server


The Starter Pack includes GpsGate Server software for up to five users.

GpsGate Server supports a large number of widley available GPS tracking devices and you can quickly add your own corporate branding and your own languages to your Starter Pack.

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