Using a Bluetooth GPS as input WM

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This feature enables you to make a direct connection to a Bluetooth GPS, without the need to configure any
Bluetooth (virtual) COM ports. This will make configuration much easier, and operation much more stable.
For this to be possible you must either Bluetooth hardware that support the Microsoft or WidComm/BroadCom stacks.
(GpsGate will automatically detect and informa you if this is the case or not.)

Detection using the Wizard

The easiest way to detect a Bluetooth GPS is to use the Setup Wizard. If you have already run the Wizard
you can do it again by opening the Settings dialog and click “Setup Wizard…”

Manual detection

Open the Settings dialog from the Tray manu. Select “Bluetooth GPS” from the drop down. Click “Open”.

A dialog now opens which you can use to select your Bluetooth GPS.

If the GPS is connected and everything is working, thet GpsGate icon will turn yellow or green.

Connection using Bluetooth COM ports

If the Bluetooth hardware on your computer doesn’t support the Microsoft or WidComm stacks, you will need to connect GpsGate to a Bluetooth (virtual) COM port. This port is created by the Bluetooth driver that comes with your Bluetooth hardware.

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