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Introduction and installation

Introduction video
The benifits of GpsGate as end user and as tracking partner, Tracking with any tracker with any map in any language.
An overview of GpsGate Server features and the benefits of using GpsGate Vehicle Tracker.
How to install
How to install GpsGate Server 4.0 from EXE file. All steps to download and install GpsGate Server on your local machine.
Transfer to GpsGate Server
How to transfer from your current tracking solution to GpsGate server. The process is simple and GpsGate is ready to assist you if you need it.
Applications & Multiple clients
Handle multiple customers on a single Server installation, Create application with unique login, You show one application per customer in one server.
How to insert your own company logo in the tracker application to help strengthen your company's identity towards customers.

Server features

GpsGate Server basics
Introduction to GpsGate Server basic functionality like map tools, tracks, buckets and workspaces.
Tags and views
How to group vehicles by using Tags and how to assign tags to views. Views are used to quickly change the group of vehicles that you are looking at.
Roles and users
This video will show you how to create Roles, create users and how to assign a role to a user.
Draw tracks
How to select a vehicle, search for historical track and draw it in the map.
How to install a plugin in SiteAdmin and enable it for an application. Plugins are a flexible way of adding functionality to your server when new needs arise.
Event rules
How to create an Event Rule and trigger an alarm. Event rules can be used to alert you about things like speeding vehicles and low fuel levels.
How to create a geofence and set up a event that triggers when moving outside the geofence. For example geofences can be used to detect when a vehicle moves out of bounds.
How to generate a report and set up scheduled reports. Reports are used to evaluate your drivers and fleet activity.
Icon Library & Custom Icons
Icon Library lets you add custom Icons to you Vehicles in order to distinguish them more easily.
User Types
Streamline adding new users process with user types. A user type works like a template when creating users and saves time when many users share certain details.
Device mapper
How to use the device mapper to map a signal coming from a device to a GpsGate Server variable and how to create a custom variable.
Dynamic tags and views
How to use the tag notifier to set up dynamic tags and views. In this example we set up a view that displays idle vehicles.
The dispatch plugin makes it easy to create and manage jobs and find the closest available vehicle to complete the task.
Chat with Garmin device
The chat plugin enables communication between operators and drivers. This video will showcase chat functionality with a Garmin device.
The GpsGate Maintenance plugin keeps track of when your vehicles are due for service. You can see their current maintenance status in the application and create notifications when vehicles pass a service interval.
The Payment plugin provides an overview and history of payment related information for a tracking server. It is intended as a tool for tracking partners for easy management of payments.
Points of Interest
Points of interest are used to mark commonly visited places in order to make navigation and dispatch of jobs more efficient. This video shows how to create a point of interest, change appearance settings and how to import points of interest from a file.
Attach drivers to vehicles using iButton and Driver ID. Create users add iButton to user. Create event rule with ibutton, create report based on driver.
Record tracks with iPhone
Record Tracks using your iPhone, Show how to add iPhone to GpsGate Server and to draw a track with GpsGate Server.
Web services and VehicleTracker
Display your Vehicles in real time on your own web site with Web Services and VehicleTracker.

Connect guides

Connect Sanav GS-818
Connect Sanav GS-818.
Utility to set IP and APN in device. Add a user in GpsGate server and add a device to the user.
Connect SysTech IntelliTrac A1
Connect SysTech IntelliTrac A1.
Utility to set IP and APN in device. Add a user in GpsGate server and add a device to the user.
Connect Teltonika
Connect Teltonika tracking device.
Utility to set IP and APN in device. Add a user in GpsGate server and add a device to the user.
Connect GpsGate client
Connect GpsGate Client to GpsGate Server.

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