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Troubleshoot your reporting issues with Task Viewer

The reporting framework has now a new tool called Task Viewer. You will be able to troubleshoot your reporting issues as well as being informed about what reports and applications consume more processing time in your platform.

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How to enable ESRI/ArcGIS maps in GpsGate Server VehicleTracker

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Allow users to select Event Rules using Custom Fields with scripting

Using this method you will allow your application users to select their Notifications preferences for their vehicles' Event Rules. This is specially useful in a restricted environment with users with limited roles. You as an administrator will save time with fewer user's modification requests. The users can do it by themselves in a very intuitive way by just modifying the Vehicle properties and select the values in the GUI. In our example we will create a combo box (Custom Field) that is going to be available in the Vehicle Properties (User Access Mask) where the user can select and save which notification type he wants for a Speeding Alert for that vehicle. The Speed Limit value is also a property that the user can set to each vehicle and will define the execution of the Event Rule.

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