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Adding Parameters and Time Periods in your reports

If you want to customize certain reports like Breadcrumb (BC1000) or Maintenance Service History (MT1000) you may want to add to them the possibility to select Tags instead of a single vehicle/unit. Another possibility could be to add a time period to the Maintenance report where this is not included by default. To do both things we are going to use as a reference the Maintenance Service History report. Follow these steps:

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How to create a list of different Event Rules in one column

We will show you how to create a variation of the classic EV1000 Event Rule with a few modifications. A common request is how to list each event in one column without splitting the report by vehicle/driver. This is helpful to see at once what events have occurred during a selected period for the selected tags.

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Status of Scheduled Reports

A summary of all scheduled reports in now available under the Reporting panel in SiteAdmin. The summary includes a list of sent, scheduled, and failed reports. Furthermore, it allows to resend failed reports.

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