Coppel recover stolen Merchandise and save 2 Million USD

By using GpsGate Server Coppel has saved 2 Million USD in 8 months by recovering stolen merchandise. 12 Vehicles have been rescued and 5 criminals have been detained.

Thanks to this system, the hijacking incidents have been reduced to practically zero.

Antonio Saracho CIO Coppel

The business problem

Tiendas Coppel has 900 stores and 600 vehicles in Mexico. Tiendas Coppel had big problems with hijacked vehicles and stolen merchandise. This was a big cost for the company and a high risk for the drivers.

The solution

GpsGate Server was installed in a monitoring center and tracking devices were installed in the vehicles. Geofences were created along the transport routes. If a vehicle moves outside of the Geofence an automatic alarm is triggered (sent by Email, text message and pop up in GUI). Tiendas Coppel now has a monitoring center working 24/7 dedicated only to this purpose.

Business result

In eight months Coppel has rescued 12 trailers, detained 5 criminals, and recovered more than 2 million dollars in merchandise.

Technical implementation of solution

GpsGate Server is installed on windows server. Intellitrack A1 were installed on trucks with panic button, microphone and speakers for communications. Alarms are triggered based on geofences and a monitoring center is following the trucks 24 / 7.

More information

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Tiendas Coppel

Is a department store chain with 900 stores in Mexico, and is expanding to Brazil and Argentina. Coppel has its own supply system that includes more than 20 warehouses and more than 600 trucks from which they supply all their stores. More information:

Systems and Technology Corp,

Was established in 1987 with vision of innovating and providing tracking solutions, geographical information systems, and navigation. For more information:

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