Dashboards for desktop!

Dashboards were initially released for our Mobile Application and now we are happy to announce that we are releasing Dashboards for the desktop interface as well!


This blog post will introduce the new features for the Dashboard plugin for those who already have it installed. We have also updated the main Dashboard blog post with all the information in one place. For the full blog post about Dashboards and how to set them up please go to:

Dashboard plugin blog post

Dashboards provides a real time overview of your VehicleTracker application. You can now visualize the number of vehicles idling, distance traveled or any other event triggered and their duration. In addition to this you can now view and compare historic data which can help you to find issues and take action to optimize your fleet.

Note: This update also includes a compability update for the new GpsGate Mobile Fleet interface. To continue using dashboards for mobile you will be required to upgrade to the latest version of GpsGate Mobile. More about the new GpsGate Mobile Fleet interface here:

  1. Login to SiteAdmin and navigate to the Plugins tab.
  2. Update your existing Dashboard plugin or install it from the Get more plugins tab.
  3. After installing, enable the Dashboard plugin for the desired application by going to the Applications tab. Select the application and expand the Privilege section. Scroll down to the Plugins folder and enable the Dashboard privileges.
Dashboards in desktop interface

You can view all of your previously created dashboards and items in the desktop interface.

Go to menu Windows -> Dashboard. This will bring up the dashboard view.

Dashboard view

From this view you can change between different dashboards and items to give you a quick overview of the status of your fleet.

Compare and view historic data

Dashboard compare tools

Use the Period selector to view data for a Day, Week, Moth or Year. By pressing the plus (+) icon you can add another data set and compare days, week etc to each other.

Dashboard compare graphs

The graph above compare two days to each other. This can be very useful when analyzing your fleet and you can take actions to optimize your business.

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