December release: strong passwords & UI updates

New stronger password requirements help keep tracking data safe. A redesigned user edit form helps operators make updates quickly.

Data security: new password requirement

We’ve redesigned our password requirements to help our tracking partners and their customers keep their systems secure. Admins should use this in conjunction with other features (such as password expiration) and best practices to help maintain a secure fleet tracking system.
strong password requirements

In addition to (optional) stricter password requirements, we’ve also built-in a password reset for users that log in with expired passwords or passwords that will expire in less than five days.

Why should you enable the new password requirements?
Tracking and fleet management system data can be very sensitive information. Tracking data is crucial to business operations. In many markets, real-time tracking and monitoring also help keep drivers and cargo safe from hijacking and theft.

We recommend that you use GpsGate’s stricter password requirements and password expiration features to help maintain data security. End users should also be coached in password security best practices like not reusing passwords across websites, never writing down or storing passwords unencrypted, never sharing passwords, etc.

UI: redesigned user editing

The edit user form has received a UI makeover. Our ongoing UI updates make it easier for end users to navigate the Vehicle Tracker. With each update, we’re making the system more efficient for our users so that they can do their jobs efficiently and accurately.

We’ve optimized the new Edit User form for quick completion of common user updates. It jumps directly to the user details. You can also search the device type field to quickly add a device to a user.

Beta feature - Road Works

Road Works is still available for testing in preview release this month. If you need to track fleet activities like snowplowing, painting, or paving, start testing today. Learn more here.

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