Free Gpsgate Server Starter Pack

GpsGate Server Starter Pack License is now free for the first five users both for private and commercial use.

GpsGate Server Free StarterPack

You can install a fully functional GpsGate Server without cost, and if you need more than five users you can purchase the additional licenses required.

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What is GpsGate Server?

GpsGate Server is a web based GPS tracking platform used in many different vertical markets around the world. It is widely used to track and dispatch vehicles in real time, alert fleet owners of unexpected vehicle behaviour and generate reports on fleet usage.

Installing GpsGate Server is easy with the pre-configured tracking applications. For developers and system integrators extensive customization possibilities are available.

GpsGate Server supports over one hundred market leading GPS tracking devices and software tracking clients. GpsGate Client Express is a free tracking client that enables you to track Windows computers on your GpsGate Server.

Feature highlights:

  • Web based real time GPS tracking
  • Real time alerts over email and SMS
  • Localization for different calendars and measurements
  • Multiple languages, including your own language files
  • Reporting and track history export
  • Maps from Google, Map24, OpenLayers,your own custom maps and more…
  • 100+ leading tracking devices supported
  • Free tracking client for Windows devices
  • iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian clients
  • Live KML feed to Google Earth
  • Plugins for Chat, Dispatch, POI:s and more…
  • Published API:s for external application integration
  • Open GpsGate Server protocol for device integration

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Questions and answers

Question: is GpsGate Server really free of charge for 5 users?
Answer: Yes, the GpsGate Server software that you install on your own server includes five users without cost. If you require more users you can purchase additional user licenses. The GpsGate Server Subscriptions offered as a hosted service by GpsGate have a subscription fee and is not part of this offering.

Question: Do I get software updates for my GpsGate Server installation?
Answer: Yes, for the five users the software updates are also free of charge. You can download available software updates directly from the Site Admininistration interface in GpsGate Server.

Question: Does the free GpsGate Server version have limited functionality in any way?
Answer: No, it is the complete GpsGate Server software. The limitation is five free users, additional users can be added at any time by purchasing user licenses.

Question: How do I install GpsGate Server?
Answer: Follow the instructions in the guide Getting started with your own GpsGate Server installation



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Download free GpsGate Server

Install it on your own server. The installation is free for 5 users.

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