GpsGate Asset Protection for Android permissions

Whilst it is now common for Android apps to ask for permission to access many parts of your phone hardware, software, settings and personal data we know that many are understandably concerned about privacy and how their personal information is accessed and used.

Below is a breakdown of the permissions that we ask for when you install the Asset Protection app and what each one is used for. The permissions are quoted how they appear in Android 4.4 and in English. They may be localized or appear slightly differently on your device but are always the same Android permission.



This permission is used to scan the QR code to register your asset and get into the map view.

Full network access

This is used to be able to connect to the server and log in to your application.

Control vibration

The app will receive push notifications when your asset moves outside a locked area on the map. Push notifications will also vibrate the phone.

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