How to use dispatch with your TomTom Bridge™ device

As we've recently announced, thanks to the recent partnership with TomTom and GpsGate, now is possible to integrate an all-in-one solution for tracking, navigation and dispatch. This guide explains how to use the dispatch plugin with a TomTom Bridge™ device.


To get your TomTom Bridge™ system ready for dispatch, follow these steps:

  1. Setup your TomTom Bridge™ tracker app
  2. Setup the dispatch plugin in GpsGate Server

Once both the TomTom Device and the dispatch plugin are configured in GpsGate Server, you are ready to start:

  • As displayed in the Dispatch plugin setup instructions, the admin of the platform sends a job or a route job to the dispatcher with a TomTom Bridge™ device
  • A new job notification is received in the TomTom Bridge™ device. Tap in the notification to open the link to the job’s instructions.
  • If the user has not yet logged to the GpsGate Server platform, his/her credentials will be required.
  • The user needs to tap on Dispatch at the left of the screen.
  • The user needs to tap on Start to get the job active.
  • The user needs to tap on Route to use TomTom Bridge’s™ navigation system. The destination of the route will be automatically assigned to the job’s location assigned in GpsGate Server by the task administrator.
  • Once arrived, the user will go back to the browser to update the job’s status and mark it as completed.
  • As displayed in the Dispatch plugin setup instructions, the dispatcher’s status is being shown to the administrator in real time.
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