Internet of Things (IoT) and GpsGate.

As more "Things" get connected to the Internet they need to be managed. It is not just about the "Thing" itself, it is also about the platform that gives you a controlling hand. GpsGate can give you that hand.

A “Thing” will typically have sensors. Many “Things” will have GPS. Much is known about the “Things” and if that information is managed centrally, in real time, and by reporting, you will always know where your attention is best needed. GpsGate can make that happen for you in a simple and powerful way.

When bugs and security issues are found. When new features are introduced. Firmware needs to be upgraded. GpsGate can manage that upgrade.

Vehicle tracking is just a special case of IoT. A very successful special case. That is currently the best way of monetizing this market that still is a fraction of what it will become.

If you have a “Thing” you want integrated to GpsGate, please contact us here:

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