July release: new kiosk mode

New features provide custom workspaces and map markers while protecting data. We're also saving you admin time with more REST resources that automate customer setup.

You need to meet each fleet management customer’s various requirements. GpsGate makes customization easy. July’s release helps you build each customer’s application to fit their exact needs. We’ve also added more resources for you to automate new customer setup.

Kiosk mode: full-screen custom restricted workspaces

The new kiosk mode is perfect for customers who need data security and employee efficiency. It provides ultimate control over data access. Kiosk mode is full-screen. You create the custom workspaces with access to only the panel(s) you choose. Then you select which roles get access to which workspace(s).

kiosk mode

Highly-specialized workspaces provide employees with only the info they need to do their jobs. Only the necessary panels are accessible for each employee.

It improves productivity - no more sifting through extra menus and panels for information. Users have the data they need and no unnecessary panels so they can work faster and smarter.

It also protects data by restricting access to data not needed by the user. Only the specified panels and data are accessible in each workspace.

Redesigned map markers

Map markers are now fully customizable. You can display the data you need directly on the map marker. Operators no longer need to view different panels to see critical information.

The position marker displays the current vehicle location and can be selected from the icon sets. The label’s color, icon, and text can all be customized. You can also add status indicators to the label. Status indicators might be battery level, engine temperature, cargo temperature, SOS status, etc.

map marker diagram

Depending on the customer needs, the options are endless. Pairing the new map markers with the kiosk mode is ideal. Users can see all the information they need on a simple full-screen map.

Additional resources for automated application setup

To make automation even more scalable, we’ve added more REST resources. You can now manage roles, add users to multiple applications, and manage devices.

Updated iOS Tracker app

The new iOS Tracker is now available. We’ve done work on the back-end to make it more stable.

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