Kiosk mode: full-screen custom restricted workspaces

Check out the new kiosk mode! It provides ultimate control over users' default workspaces and data access.

Kiosk mode provides full-screen custom workspaces for users PLUS system access restrictions. Customers can now limit workspace access to one or more custom-designed options. They can also ensure that only data necessary for the employee is accessible.

One employee might only need access to the map. Another might need only the vehicle list and reports. Kiosk mode makes this possible.
It provides:

    • Highly specialized workspaces - each employee role’s workspace is custom. They have the data they need to do their jobs.
    • Data protection - extra data and panels can be restricted. Users see only what is necessary.
    • Faster workflows & increased efficiency - no extra data to distract users and no extra menus to click through. Users can focus on the task at hand to accomplish their work fast.
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