Low cost Police tracking solution

GpsGate Server is used by many Police customers for real time tracking and dispatching. Many Police Organizations use GpsGate Server as their real time tracking and dispatching platform because of its easy deployment and reliable performance. Police departments can have their own tracking solution secured in-house meeting budget constraints.

GpsGate has provided our public safety dispatch center with an affordable, lightweight yet powerful real time tracking view of our responding units. GpsGate offers easy installation, set up and is user friendly.

Carl Rodabaugh I.T. Administrator, Midland County 911

We have over the last few years been awarded many contracts for Police customers In USA and other parts of the world. We are pleased that this is a growing market for us and that we can continue to develop light weight and low cost solutions that bring value to law enforcement customers.

Johan FransonCEO GpsGate

Assign the best suitable vehicle for every need

Police customers want to have a real time view of their vehicle fleet and quickly assign the most suitable one to an incident. You can separate your vehicles into categories (ex: Heavy vehicles) and see their designated Points Of Interest. Using this tools will make the task much easier to the police department.

Solution Description
* Real Time Positioning You can follow your vehicles and assets on a map in real time. Up-to-date vehicle locations and status information keep you in control. Video
* Vehicles Tag You can group vehicles into categories to quickly find the type that can perform the job better. The distance to the pick up is displayed for all vehicles. Video
* Points Of Interest You can upload your own POI to GpsGate Server, add or modify them easily, and generate reports of which vehicles had visited them. Video
Dispatch your police assignments faster to your units

Customers will notice increased service levels for having a better service that responds faster to their needs. Using this tools you can dispatch this jobs easily anf more effectively.

Solution Description
* Job Dispatch Allows you to administrate your police assignment jobs from the GpsGate Server interface. Setup
* Mobile Dispatch Allows the syncronization between dispatcher and the police car driver using a mobile interface. The driver can see his assignments in the smartphone or tablet’s browser and update his status back to the server. Setup
Share GPS information between multiple laptops

Many Police customers have laptops in their vehicles. They often need to use GPS data in several applications at the same time. They also want to leverage their investments in laptops, GPS devices and network connectivity and use what they already have installed in the vehicles.

Solution Description
GpsGate Client The GpsGate Standard client for Windows is splitting the GPS position to multiple applications on the vehicle mounted laptop. The client also sends the real time position data to GpsGate Server for real time GPS tracking. Info
Extend your fleet lifetime

Is important to know when maintenance has to be performed to keep your fleet in an optimal condition with vehicles available at any moment.

Solution Description
* Vehicle Maintenance Keep track of when its time to perform a service of each vehicle in the fleet. Extend the lifetime of the fleet due to better control of service intervals. Setup
Low cost in-house tracking system

Police customers are naturally concerned about their data and often want to run their servers in-house on secure networks. Because of these requirements the customers want the solution to be easy to deploy. Additionally police customers are often under budget constraints and they are looking for a tracking solution that can fit within their budget. The initial installation process must be simple and the total cost of running the solution must be low.

Solution Description
Easy installation GpsGate Server installation is well documented and it can easily be installed in-house. GpsGate Server can run inside firewalls on private networks if required. Setup
High performance using low resources Installing GpsGate Server is straight forward and the cost running the system is low. Requirements
Devices supported

* This features are supported by all devices.

* Mobile dispatch works fully functional on A-grade supported platforms.
* All this features are available at no additional cost and are included in the solution.

For more information check the full list of supported devices.

More information

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- If you have questions or want to get in contact with a local GpsGate partner please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Midland County 911 Midland County Central Dispatch Authority was established in November of 1993. We are a consolidated emergency services answering point, responsible for handling law enforcement, fire and medical calls for the Midland City and County residents. For more information http://midland911.org

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