Manage payments for your tracking business

When you run a successful tracking business you will soon realize that you need to keep track of the customers payments and subscriptions. The more customers that you have the more important it is to have an effective process for the payments. GpsGate Server can help you to manage your payments.

In GpsGate Server you can schedule when the payments from all your customers should be done. You can set the renewal date and get an overview of unpaid subscriptions. GpsGate Server can remind your finance department of when they should invoice the customers. You can search for payments that are due so that you can start the process for invoicing and collection of the money.

Price plans can be based on the number of devices in an application or a fixed amount for the application. If you increase the number of users in an application you can automatically keep track of the amounts that customers should pay.

The End users can see when their renewal should be paid. If payments are not done on time, automatic reminder Emails can be sent. You can get an overview of the history of paid subscriptions, see the total amount for the next payment and you can see payments that are overdue.

The Payment module is minimizing admin for payments and increasing the overview of the customers subscriptions.

Please contact us If you use Paypal, Digital River or other payment gateways and want to see how you can automatically send Emails to your customers for online payments.

GpsGate Server can be the money making machine that you want it to be and with the payment plugin you can get control of your cash flow.

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