Native Maps 2.0 Beta available

Our new map can display tracking & activity information without the distractions. It's also faster and smoother thanks to behind the scenes enhancements.

GpsGate’s new Native Maps 2.0 Beta gives you more ways to look at your data.

Introducing map themes

Our new map includes two themes to help you view your data.

  • Standard: the map theme you are used to. Optimized for general tracking.
  • Low contrast: a new theme that lets you focus on the data, not the map. Optimized for Road Works.

With the low contrast theme, the map fades into the background. You can concentrate on the data. It’s ideal for geofence setup and management, drawing tracks, and viewing Road Works activity tracks. The low contrast theme removes the distraction of road names, POIs, and other map details.

A faster & smoother experience

Users also benefit from behind the scenes changes that provide:

  • • Smooth & streamlined zooming for map tiles
  • • Animated scrolling for map movements
  • • Faster loading and display of data

We moved from raster to vector-based rendering to improve the end-user experience. Asynchronous loading also improves the overall performance for users.

Start testing our new Native Maps 2.0 Beta today.

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