November release: new menu design is live

A new menu design provides a huge usability upgrade. Event panel updates give GpsGate Security customers more information at a glance.

New menu design

The new menu bars are live after a successful preview release. The new menus have far-reaching positive effects:

  • • better branding
  • • more efficient workflows (new menu organization and layout plus menu search)
  • • improved user experience

Read more about the top menu bar redesign here. Since then, we’ve implemented two additional features and a few other tweaks.

Easy access panel menus
The panel menus are now easier to find and click. Access the dropdown menus from the panel tabs.

Auto-saving workspace settings
Your marker-related settings (e.g. marker attributes, vehicle marker settings) are automatically saved. Simply hit ‘save’ in the settings menu, and they are saved to your workspace.

GpsGate Security - event panel updates

The event panel provides a powerful security solution in GpsGate. After a big security release last month (read more here), we’re rolling out additional improvements.

Redesigned vehicle clusters
The vehicle clusters are redesigned, and GpsGate Security benefits from the addition of an aggregate open event count added to clusters.

Real-time event overview UI improvement
Event cards are now greyed out for event rules with no open events. Users can know at a glance which event rules to check.

Smart updates for the event list
The event list updates automatically with the newest events so that managers and operators can keep tabs on what’s happening in real-time. However, if an operator is actively working on an event, a ‘scroll to top’ is visible with a new event count.

New archiving functionality

Archiving now exports Maintenance Logs and Accumulator data when you export user and track data. This provides better data continuity for all archiving functions. It also ensures you and your customers have all of the historical data you need. Adding functionality to archiving is important because it serves key business functions.

Migrate servers and applications
Use archiving to migrate servers or selected applications within a server. The additional data means a more complete migration.

Save space with track cleanup
Back up track data regularly to reduce your storage needs. You can save space on your server by using track cleanup for historical data.

Protect your data with backups
GpsGate On-site customers can ensure all of their data is backed up in case something happens to their server. Regular data backup is always recommended to protect your business and customer data.

More details & resources

There are a lot of additional updates in this month’s release. Check the full notes to find out how we’re helping you work faster and smarter.

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