Passenger Manager preview release

A new Passenger Manager is available in today's preview release!

Today’s preview release brings passenger management to GpsGate tracking partners. The new Passenger Manager is a back-end solution with real-time passenger tracking and passenger trip history.

Passenger Manager lets you track vehicles (called buses) and the people on board them. They might be school buses, large passenger vans, coaches, or any vehicle that carries VIP passengers. Organizations with important passengers as their ‘cargo’ are ideal end customers for tracking partners.

Passenger Manager provides:

  • • Safety - Passengers are accounted for. You can verify that all passengers who boarded also safely disembarked.
  • • Security - You can verify passengers are where they should be. Right vehicle, right entry/exit points.
  • • Accurate billing data - Track passengers or even bill according to ride time or ride count.

How does it work?

  • • Equip vehicles with an RFID reader.
  • • Provide RFID tags to passengers.
  • • Passengers check in and check out of the vehicle by swiping their tag.
  • • Operators can quickly see data by both bus and passenger. Reporting is available for historical data.

Ideal end customers for Passenger Manager
School districts, school bus operators: school districts or governments often require student tracking for school buses. This is an important safety precaution taken on the back-end. Bus companies and schools can be sure that all students exit the bus at the end of the route.

Driving schools: driving schools and other similar companies may track student drivers. They often need to know how many practice hours a student has completed. The driving hours may be tracked to check their eligibility for a driving test. Driving hours may also be used for billing their student driver customers.

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