Road Works for winter weather

Helping public works departments and private snowplowing companies increase safety and reduce costs.

Snowy winter weather means that the snowplows come out in cities across the world. Imagine that you can see all of the road conditions (plowed, graded, sanded, salted, etc.), all of the fleet vehicles, and exactly which is completing work and where. With Road Works, you can. It’s a powerful GPS tracking solution for snowplowing.

GpsGate helps public works employees and private companies alike track snowplowing.

You can stay updated on the current storm activities and analyze the department’s performance after the storm. You can even share real-time plowing updates with the public.

GpsGate lets you see fleet coverage and snow plan activities in real-time.

  • • Which streets have been plowed? Salted? Sanded? Graded?
  • • Which routes need more coverage to keep the streets safe?
  • • What is the nearest vehicle to a route that needs plowing?

Historical fleet coverage helps you plan for the future and answer pressing questions.

  • • When was the slippery road last plowed that the citizen called to complain about?
  • • Was the fleet coverage executed as planned?
  • • Did we cover the city in the most efficient manner or were certain areas over-staffed?

Better data means more effective winter storm management.

  • • Reduced salt use. This cuts costs AND helps the environment.
  • • Safer roads. More efficient plowing and treatment keeps citizens safe on the roads.
  • • Optimized fleet operation. Vehicles are used and maintained for longevity and fuel is saved.
  • • Efficient staffing. Plow operators are dispatched exactly when and where they are needed.

Keeping city streets safe for vehicles is the top priority of well-planned plowing strategies. With GpsGate, snow fleet managers know where the fleet is, what they are doing, and when. You can access data directly in GpsGate, and integrate it with any other business-critical system. The detailed data makes it easier to analyze the fleet efficiency and costs and plan for the next season.

Get Started with Road Works

Ready to use Road Works? Follow the Getting Started with Road Works guide. You can use it to track all types of public works activities, not just snowplowing: street maintenance, lane painting, road paving, etc.

Note: There is no fee for testing the preview release. Starting January 1, 2020, access and use of Road Works will require an additional $2 monthly fee per tracked device. Customers must be using the Cloud or On-site pay-as-you-go model to access Road Works, and volume discounts apply.

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