Tracking solution for Transportation companies

With GpsGate Server you can monitor your fleet with powerful Real Time Tracking. This will allow you to optimise the deployment, usage and maintenance strategies of your vehicles and lower your company’s operating costs. Technologies like Trip and Idle Eco Driving and Fuel Reports let you make the most of your fleet resources and optimize your drivers’ behaviour. This will increase your customer’s satisfaction and save time and money. You can also improve security on your vehicles and drivers using configurable automatic alarms that can be displayed on screen and sent via SMS and/or email.

Fleet management tools

When a pick up has to be made right away it is important to assign a vehicle that is close and suitable for the job. With this tools you can perform this task easily and effectively.

Solution Description
* Real Time Fleet View You can directly answer customer calls about the location of transport. You can search by name, group or see the available vehicles in an specific area in the map. Info
* Vehicle Tags You can group vehicles into categories to quickly find the type that can perform the job better. The distance to the pick up is displayed for all vehicles. Video
* Points Of Interest You can upload your own POI to GpsGate Server. It is also possible to generate reports based on the time that the vehicle spent in the POI location. Video
Dispatch your deliveries faster

End customers are expecting the shipment and there are often penalties connected with late arrival of the goods. Customers for transport companies often require historical information about shipment as well as a tool that could ease the administration of dispatching jobs.

Solution Description
**Job Dispatch for Garmin devices The administrator can dispatch jobs directly to the Garmin navigation devices as well as communicate with the driver using the Chat module when the vehicle is not moving. Setup
* Mobile Dispatch Allows the syncronization between dispatcher and the driver using a mobile interface. The driver can see his assignments in the smartphone or tablet’s browser and update his status back to the server. Setup
Improve fuel efficiency and drivers behavior

There is an increasing need to reduce fuel costs. The use of your fleet and drivers in an optimal way are essential. Having the right tools to control your fleet, over factors like excessive speed, harsh driving and drivers accumulated hours will dramatically reduce fuel consumption and improve your staff satisfaction and safety.

Solution Description
* Speeding alerts You can have speed limits alerts based on real speed limits from OSM. Setup
* Trip and Idle Reports Identify idle time with the Trip and Idle report and help to avoid non-essential stops. Setup
* Driver Working Hours After a driver logs into the platform (using an RFID or Ibutton device), you can start a counter to know the amount of working hours for this worker. You are able to tell if the driver complies with the established policies of maximum amount of hours allowed per day. Setup
** ECO Driving Reports Get a driver rating based on harsh acceleration, breaking and speed. Setup
** Fuel Consumption Reports With a fuel sensor installed in the vehicle, the report will display the date, total distance, maximum and average speed, the duration of the vehicle driving, fuel consumption and fuel efficiency, as well as the total amount of fuel used. Setup
Increase security of your drivers and vehicles

Problems with stolen merchandise and hijacked vehicles are increasing for many transportation companies. Profit margins can quickly be turned into big losses if a large truck or shipment is stolen. With these tools you will be able to improve your vehicle’s security and driver’s safety conditions as you have a complete overview of all the events taking place in a designated route or area.

Solution Description
* Real Time Positioning You can follow your vehicles and assets on a map in real time. Up-to-date vehicle locations and status information keeps you in control. Video
* SOS alarms The driver can generate SOS alarms from his device which are displayed in the user interface in real time Setup
* Geofences You can setup a perimeter in any area in the map according to your specific needs. Poligonal and circle areas are supported, as well as keeping them tagged and organized into categories. You can decide if this geofences will be visible in the map and use colors to differentiate each of them. Video
* Route Geofences To ensure that a vehicle doesn’t leave a predetermined route the system can make use of Route geofences. Setup
* SMS / Email notifications All mentioned features can be setup to be displayed in a web interface or sent by SMS or Email to a user or a group of users. Setup
Display driven distance on each country When your fleet has to travel across borders in different countries (and to apply the right TAX policies in your company), you can make use of the IFTA Europe report to count the distance driven in each country. Setup
Extend your fleet lifetime

Is important to know when a maintenance has to be performed for each vehicle to keep your fleet in an optimal condition with vehicles available at any moment.

Solution Description
* Vehicle Maintenance Keep track of when it is time to perform a service of each vehicle in the fleet. Extend the lifetime of the fleet due to better control of the service intervals. Guide
Devices supported

* These features are supported by all devices.

* Mobile dispatch works fully functional on A-grade supported platforms.
** SOS: all A-track devices (SOS hardware connected to the A-track device required).
** Job Dispatch for Garmin devices requires a Garmin fleet 590 device.
** ECO Driving and Fuel Reports are supported by A-Track AX7 (for Fuel Reports, fuel sensor installation is required).

All these features are available at no additional cost and are included in the solution.

For more information check the full list of supported devices.

Success stories

- Coppel recover stolen Merchandise and save 2 Million USD.

- Translurenije save 180.000 USD on stolen vehicle recovery.

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