Developers Documentation

We believe that our customers should be able to build on GpsGate and integrate with other systems. Developers can customize and integrate GpsGate in millions of ways. We support this through open architecture, extensive support for scripting, and web services.

Mission Statement

We enable developers at GpsGate. We provide an explicit and documented set of tools and commitments. You don’t need to rely on GpsGate to make features that your customers need now. You can develop with confidence because the rules won’t suddenly change. You can support your customers and rely on GpsGate to support the tools.

  • Open source: once an app is open source, it will remain that way. Forks of the project with customized code are the property of the developer if the licensing is respected.
  • APIs: an API that is released will not have breaking changes applied to it in an update. Breaking changes will be part of a new version of the API. The old version will be deprecated and retired according to the schedules outlined in the API pages.
  • Support: support for platform APIs is available through GpsGate support. We do not offer direct support for our open source projects, but our developers are active in the github community. The community can fix issues and contribute them back to the project.
What’s new

Visit our change log to see the latest updates to the developer site.

Missing an API?

Please note that direct database access is not supported and that the database schema changes frequently between releases. Use the rich set of available web services and file exports available for integration. If you miss functionality in our APIs, open a ticket to let us know what you’re missing and why you need it!