Developer Getting started

Getting started

GpsGate allows integration to any business system you use through our APIs. As there are many different options for your integrations it can be hard to know where to start. First, identify your business problem. After you know what you need to do, you can decide which API can build your solution. We’ve provided a few examples of integrations below to get you started.

Common GpsGate developer integrations:
  • Show information or gather data from users in vehicle tracker with custom panels.
  • Use GpsGate data in your in-house software and GpsGate custom panels with standards-based simple REST APIs.
  • Make event-based rich clients that connect to GpsGate with real-time pushed data from our SSE APIs.
  • Deliver custom mobile solutions to your users with our open source mobile apps as a starting point.
  • Automate repetitive workflows, respond to events with custom behaviors, and combine manual operator steps with scripting.
  • Analyze the historical performance of your fleet with custom reports.
  • Write and deploy your own custom tracking device by implementing the TrackerOne protocol.

The integrations above are only examples - anything is possible. What your integration does is up to you, but we recommend reviewing all the tools available before you get started.  If you are working with our open source apps, you can join the community discussion on our GitHub page. Server API documentation is under the API categories on the left-hand page menu. You can get API support through our support portal.