Developer Introduction


Use REST API to query, create and edit tracks, users, tags, events, and Dispatch information.

The GpsGate REST API is a simple programming interface for querying information or updating data in a GpsGate application. The REST API is particularly useful when you want to:

  • Query data based on user interactions in your application.
  • Add a new tag from your application, display a user’s status for a context menu, or complete a dispatched job for a worker. These are examples of a user interaction driven event.
  • power your custom vehicle tracker panels. You can use our REST APIs and take advantage of transparent authorization to do this. See more in our custom panels guide.

The REST API is currently in version 1. This version will be supported for two months after the next version is released. There are no currently deprecated versions.

Design Standard

Our REST API follows the standard design of using the URI to navigate resources on the server and HTTP methods for different operations.


It is documented using the Open API specification. The JSON documents are available in our open source API documentation project at Github.

We update the documentation as new features are added. We welcome any inconsistencies or errors to be fixed by pull request to the project.