Developer Open Source

Open Source

We are on GitHub, the largest open source community in the world. Over time, we will be open sourcing much of our client software to enable developers to integrate with GpsGate.

As we open source new projects, we will update our developer pages here and on GitHub, and invite developers to fork and contribute. By combining our stable, documented APIs with our freely available client software, you can make something completely custom. Visit our GitHub to get started.

Dispatch App

The dispatch app is a simple mobile application extending the Dispatch plugin. It keeps field workers and operators connected in real-time (from receiving the job, to submitting it as complete). It is available for both iOS and Android.

The app uses the React Native framework and has most of its business logic written in javascript for compatibility. It contains platform-specific UI for iOS and Android, so users have the familiar experience they expect.

Fork the project to customize the user interface, add more features using our RPC APIs, or contribute fixes and performance boosts to the main repository. We will not be accepting most feature enhancements to the main repository. We aim keep the app simple and generic for our partners. You can customize it as you wish. If you think you have a killer feature that is generic enough to make the main repository, get in contact with us.

  Go to the dispatch app on GitHub.