Cellocator (Pointer) CelloTrack 6M

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Internal Battery, Waterproof

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About Cellocator (Pointer)

Cellocatorâ„¢, Pointer Product Division, is a leading AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location Device ) solutions provider for fleet management, car and driver safety, public safety, asset tracking devices, and Vehicle security. Cellocator is a B2B division that supplies and integrates technology with solutions for partners and customers in various business sectors.


Other Cellocator (Pointer) tracking devices

Image Manufacturer Device name Type Description Eco Camera Garmin
Cellocator (Pointer) 370-50 Vehicle SOS
Cellocator (Pointer) Cello-CANiQ Vehicle Can bus, ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery, GLONASS, iButton / 1-Wire
Cellocator (Pointer) Cello-F Vehicle Garmin FMI
Cellocator (Pointer) Cello-IQ Vehicle ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery, GLONASS, iButton / 1-Wire
Cellocator (Pointer) Cello-R Vehicle Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Garmin FMI, SOS
Cellocator (Pointer) CelloTrack 8M Asset The CelloTrack 8M family is the entry level product line, which offers cost effective solutions that support up to eight months of continuous monitoring
ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery, Water-resistant
Cellocator (Pointer) Cellotrack Container Asset Can be installed inside containers in an absolutely covert way.
Cellocator (Pointer) CelloTrack Container Lock Asset
Cellocator (Pointer) CelloTrack Lighter 6M Asset Connection to the cigarette lighter outlet in the vehicle, easy deployment, such as for Car Rental.
Cellocator (Pointer) CelloTrack Nano Vehicle ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery
Cellocator (Pointer) CelloTrack Power 6M Asset CelloTrack Power has an internal charger.
Cellocator (Pointer) CelloTrack Solar Asset CelloTrack unit with an attached solar panel
Cellocator (Pointer) Compact CAN Vehicle Built-in CAN bus interface.
Garmin FMI, Fuel Sensor
Cellocator (Pointer) Compact Fleet Vehicle Garmin FMI, Internal Battery, iButton / 1-Wire
Cellocator (Pointer) Compact Security Vehicle integrated car alarm and fleet management unit
Garmin FMI, SOS
Cellocator (Pointer) CR-300 Vehicle Cost-Effective Fleet and Security Management Solution
ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery, iButton / 1-Wire

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