Eelink TK319

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Internal Battery, SOS, Waterproof, CDMA

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The TK319-H 3G Vehicle GPS Tracker is an easy to use, real-time car GPS tracker with highly dedicated and accurate ultramodern 3G technology to show you live movements and transmit the location speedily via email or SMS alert.

About Eelink

Eelink Communication Technology Limited was incorporated in 2004 with a vision to develop and distribute hardware and software tracking solutions that utilize existing wireless network infrastructures to provide web-based vertical applications to commercial customers as well as consumers.

We are committed to supply for the best GPS tracking devices for our global customers. With the development of our hardware and software R&D team, Eelink become a a dynamic leader in GPS Tracking Devices.

We have accumulated 10+ years of experiences in the filed of GPS trackers, which make us become brand GPS tracking devices manufacturer globally.

Other Eelink tracking devices

Image Manufacturer Device name Type Description Eco Camera
Eelink GOT08 Vehicle Plug & Play G-sensor, OBD TRACKER
Internal Battery
Eelink GOT10 Vehicle
Eelink GPT06-3G Personal 3G TRACKER GPT06-3G SOS Waterproof Flashlight
Internal Battery, SOS, Waterproof
Eelink GPT06-T Asset, Personal Built-in high-precision temperature sensor, real-time temperature detection
Internal Battery, SOS, Waterproof
Eelink GPT09 Asset GPS TRACKER GPT09 standby 3 years/waterproof
Internal Battery, Waterproof
Eelink GPT12 Asset, Personal Internal Battery
Eelink GPT18 Personal GPS Watch Tracker GPT18 SOS/Call/Listen/Waterproof
SOS, Waterproof, GLONASS
Eelink GPT19-H Asset, Vehicle GPT19-H is 3G magnetic GPS Tracker for assets manufactured by Eelink, which is mainly used in vehicles, fleet, asset tracking.
Eelink GPT26 Asset, Personal GPS TRACKER GPT26 standby 1 Month/Rechargable
Internal Battery, Waterproof
Eelink K20 Personal GPS Phone Tracker K20 SOS/Call/Flashlight/Pedometer
Internal Battery, SOS
Eelink K30 Personal Wearable Tracker K30 Tracking Call SOS Waterproof
SOS, Waterproof
Eelink K6 Personal GPS Watch Tracker K6 Position/SOS/Call/Listen
Eelink K9+ Personal GPS Watch Tracer K9+ Position/SOS/Call/Listen
Internal Battery, SOS
Eelink TK115 Vehicle
Eelink TK116 Vehicle Internal Battery
Eelink TK119 Waterproof Vehicle Internal Battery, Waterproof, GLONASS
Eelink TK119-3G Vehicle ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery, Waterproof
Eelink TK121 Vehicle Internal Battery
Eelink TK419 Vehicle Compact 4G LTE GPS Tracker for real-time vehicle tracking
ECO / Accelerometer

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