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GPRS (2G), SMS, CDMA (2G), Inmarsat, Orbcomm

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GpsGate Client can connect to and other GpsGate Server installations. GpsGate Client is available for Windows, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile touch screen smartphones.

GpsGate client can also be used for much more, such as GPS sharing, simulation, logging, etc.

Here is a more detailed feature list for GpsGate client:

Connect your GPS to and other tracking services
Share one GPS among several applications
Track Recorder with offline caching ( read more )
Connect a GPS to Google Earth
Send GPS data over HTTP
Use Garmin USB GPS receivers with standard GPS applications
Use standard GPS receivers with Garmin applications (nRoute)
Automatically add GPS data in web forms with “GPS in Browser” feature
Stabilize the GPS connection. In particular to Bluetooth GPS receivers
Share a GPS over Bluetooth, over ActiveSync, or even over a network
GPS simulation and logging
Multiplex and split NMEA streams
Developer API for application integration
and more…
Best GPS Utility Software Award the last four years!

GpsGate Client are available in two versions:

GpsGate Client for Windows
Download - Purchase

GpsGate Client for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile (for touch screen smartphones).
All processor versions
Download - Purchase

Other GpsGate tracking devices

Image Manufacturer Device name Type Description Eco Camera Garmin
GpsGate GpsGate Tracker for Android Personal, Vehicle, Software Android client
Internal Battery, Wifi
GpsGate GpsGate Tracker for iOS Personal, Vehicle, Software iOS client
Internal Battery
GpsGate SmartPipe Personal, Vehicle Generic smart protocol driver.
GpsGate TAIP Generic driver for devices that support TAIP

Download free GpsGate Server

Install it on your own server. The installation is free for 5 users.

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