Sanav MU-201

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Internal Battery, SOS

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About Sanav

SAN JOSE TECHNOLOGY, INC., established in Taiwan since 1995, is the solution design house and manufacturer specializing in providing wireless and mobility solutions including External and Embedded Antenna, GPS/GPRS Tracker, and Wireless Data Transfer Systems.

We offer customers the comprehensive range of RF Antenna such as Combo, WiMax, WiFi, GSM, UWB Antenna, and ODM/OEM wireless products. Besides, as the result of our pioneering effort, we possess the know-how of different wireless technologies; so, we also support customers to develop their wireless data transfer system such as Z-Wave or Zigbee Home Automation

Other Sanav tracking devices

Image Manufacturer Device name Type Description Eco Camera
Sanav CT-24 Personal Internal Battery
Sanav CT-58 Asset, Vehicle Internal Battery, SOS
Sanav CT-58A Asset, Vehicle Internal Battery, SOS
Sanav GC-101 Personal Internal Battery, SOS
Sanav GS-818 Vehicle External GSM / GPRS Antenna, External GPS Antenna
Sanav GS-819 Asset, Vehicle Garmin FMI, External GSM / GPRS Antenna, External GPS Antenna, iButton / 1-Wire, RFID
Sanav GX-101 Vehicle Internal Battery, External GPS Antenna
Sanav MT-101 Personal SOS
Sanav QG-201 Personal Wrist watch tracker
Internal Battery, Waterproof

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