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Satellite, Vehicle

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Satellite (Inmarsat) and GPRS + Inmarsat hybrids.

Other SkyWave tracking devices

Image Manufacturer Device name Type Description Eco Camera Garmin
SkyWave GT1100 Asset Complete Visibility for Tracking Trailers and Containers, Without Maintenance or Frequent Battery Changes
ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery
SkyWave IDP-680 Satellite, Vehicle Waterproof, External GPS Antenna, Satellite
SkyWave IDP-690 Satellite, Vehicle Waterproof, Satellite
SkyWave IDP-780 flex Satellite, Vehicle CANBUS, Can bus, OBD, OBDII, ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery, Waterproof, External GSM / GPRS Antenna, External GPS Antenna, Wifi, Satellite
SkyWave IDP-800 Asset, Satellite, Vehicle Internal Battery, Waterproof, Satellite
SkyWave SG-7100 Vehicle ECO / Accelerometer, Wifi

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