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Satellite, Vehicle

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Satellite (Inmarsat) and GPRS + Inmarsat hybrids.

Other SkyWave tracking devices

Image Manufacturer Device name Type Description Eco Camera
SkyWave GT1100 Asset GT1100 is a ruggedized, easy-to-install device with a low profile, making it ideal for tracking trailers, railcars, chassis and containers.
ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery, Satellite, CDMA
SkyWave IDP-680 Satellite, Vehicle Waterproof, External GPS Antenna, Satellite
SkyWave IDP-690 Satellite, Vehicle Waterproof, Satellite
SkyWave IDP-780 flex Satellite, Vehicle CANBUS, Can bus, OBD, OBDII, ECO / Accelerometer, Internal Battery, Waterproof, External GSM / GPRS Antenna, External GPS Antenna, Wifi, Satellite
SkyWave IDP-800 Asset, Satellite, Vehicle Internal Battery, Waterproof, Satellite
SkyWave SG-7100 Vehicle ECO / Accelerometer, Wifi

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