Dispatch & job management

Worker jobs

Manage jobs from creation to completion.

After jobs are created and assigned to workers, you can track them in the field.

You have a full picture of the workday in one system, with real-time statistics.

Full maps integration

Create jobs directly on the map or from points of interest using your own choice of map. GpsGate supports every major mapping provider.

Last minute jobs and small tasks are easy to add to the day's schedule. With a click on the map, you can add a job.

Real-time stats

Real-time statistics let you see what's really happening at each and every moment.

You can monitor performance at the individual worker level. You can also view stats across the entire fleet. Address late jobs now so you don't have to apologize for them later.

Dispatch reporting

Improve your business by analyzing fleet and individual performance across time.

Protect your business by maintaining audit trails of all job activity.
Run any report using historical job activity data for all aspects of the fleet.

Mobile apps

Field workers are always connected with a mobile device. They can see their jobs and report on their progress in real-time.

Getting your mobile workforce online is easy. The app is compatible with Garmin FMI devices, Android, and iOS.

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Our Dispatch apps are open source with the MIT license.
Create fully custom mobile apps using our code.

Job optimization

Automatic job optimization reduces driving hours and fuel consumption.

GpsGate can quickly re-order a day's jobs to optimize the route. Using the quickest path between jobs saves your company time and money. Reduce mileage, fuel consumption, and idle time.

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A powerful out-of-the-box solution that can be fully customized for your business.

Scripting and APIs let you configure Dispatch to work exactly as your business needs. You can create custom solutions with scripting support. Powerful APIs allow integration with your own business software

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Auto-completing jobs

Automate your delivery reporting by setting jobs to auto-complete.

Save time by letting the system mark jobs as complete based on your criteria. You choose which vehicle tags it applies to, and you set the distance and whether the ignition must be off.


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GpsGate supports open-source apps, APIs, and scripting.

Extend the platform and apps to meet your exact business needs.

Integrate with your other systems for seamless office work.

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