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GpsGate Server supports the Garmin Android Platform devices Garmin fleet 660/670.

The integration includes real-time tracking, dispatch and two-way communication on the GpsGate Server tracking platform.

The GpsGate Tracker App for Android is installed on the Garmin devices to support real time tracking and direct integration using the Garmin FMI protocol.

We are very excited about this integration and the partnership with Garmin as it brings together the best in car navigation and web based GPS tracking.

fleet 660

Real time tracking

Garmin fleet 660/670 devices are tracked in real time in VehicleTracker using the GpsGate Tracker App. The complete set of GpsGate Server functionality is available including Event Rules and Reports.


Operators can assign Jobs and dispatch drivers from the Dispatch panel in VehicleTracker. Two-way communication between operator and driver ensures swift job assignment.


Chat for Garmin fleet 660/670 includes two-way messaging and support for both Quick messages and Quick replies. Operators can communicate with drivers in real time in the VehicleTracker application.

Getting started

Read our setup guide GpsGate Tracker for Android and Garmin PND to get started.

Contact GpsGate

Please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to get more information about our Garmin Android Platform initiative.

More information

In addition to the new Garmin fleet 660/670 other Garmin PND / tracking device combinations using the Garmin FMI are also supported on GpsGate Server.

Read more about GpsGate solutions for Garmin devices on our Garmin page

About Garmin

Founded in 1989, Garmin is a pioneer in Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of GPS equipment. The company has built and sold millions of GPS products that serve the automotive, aviation, marine, consumer, wireless, OEM, and general recreation markets.

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