GpsGate moments

In the end everything counts

We have delivered business critical software for more than 10 years to a demanding customer base.

Here are some product milestones and memorable moments from the GpsGate early days until now.


Stockholm office

Moving up and moving out

November 2017

We've been growing fast, and we officially got too big for our Stockholm office. For the second time, we traded up to a bigger space.

10 year anniversary

February 2017

GpsGate Server is 10 years old! GpsGate Server has been constantly improved by our team over the last decade, and there is even more currently underway. What better way to celebrate than with a custom GpsGate cake and a party? Here's to the next 10!

The scalability project

May 2015

We are working on unlimited scalability for the GpsGate Server platform. This core project will remove boundaries and hair from developer heads.

World tour

August - November 2014

We visited many of our partners around the world. This gave us valuable insights to local challenges and partner requirements as well as exotic insect encounters.

GpsGate Server 4.0

November 2013

GpsGate Server 4.0 simplified usage and improved performance. We introduced smart filtering on the map, tags and events. The Event panel was re-designed with a timeline. This was a one-click update!


October 2013

Customizing GpsGate Server got easier. It started with Device mappers to combine input signals. Now many modules have scriptable business logic to let partners add "just that thing" without waiting for us.

Gazelle = "a fast animal"

August 2012

2012 we got our first Gazelle, it is a diploma handed out to the fastest growing companies in Sweden. The 2012 diploma was our first one ...

GpsGate AB

June 2012

The name changed from Franson Technology AB to GpsGate AB. We got a new cool company name with the same old team, culture and values.

XXXX Tracking Partners!

February 2012

We don´t usually brag about numbers, but we almost shared this one. The GpsGate Server eco system is key to us and we will do everything to keep it growing.

GpsGate Mobile

January 2012

GpsGate Mobile added access to GpsGate Server from mobile phones and tablets. This was a big thing for us and a giant leap for managers working in the field.

GpsGate Server 3.0

January 2011

3.0 was the "Platform" release, we introduced Plugins to the GpsGate Server platform that enabled installation and updating of individual modules directly from the SiteAdmin web interface.

Helpdesk on a rough day

November 2010

Sometimes our support team takes extraorinary measures to help you succeed with your business, and sometimes they go fishing. Everything is not solved in the office.

Out of space

April 2010

To fit in we moved out. This was the fastest move ever, at lunch we walked two blocks with our computers and continued coding in a bigger office.

GpsGate Server 2.3

November 2009

The user interface was re-designed in this version for improved operator efficiency and we added configurable alerts for immediate email and SMS notifications.


March 2007

VehicleTracker was our first stab at web based real time vehicle tracking for transportation companies.


February 2007

With BuddyTracker you could track your friends on a web page using your laptop and most common GPS devices. This was experimental, and two years before Google Latitude.

Franson Technology AB

February 2004

The beginning. Johan Franson registered Franson Technology AB to sell GPS Tools, CoordTrans, SerialTools, BlueTools and the epic GpsGate Client. Johan Franson is still the CEO.


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