Business Recommendations

Follow these recommendations to get the most out of your tracking business. With your first customers, you should focus on recommendations with an Easy Setup Effort as your time is valuable and we want you to be profitable as soon as possible.
Customer value vs. Setup effort

The icons below indicate the value of a setup and the effort required to get it implemented.

Customer Value Setup Effort
High Easy
Medium Medium
Low Hard
Recommended Usage

Start with a setup that offers real customer value and requires a minimal implementation effort.

Usage Value Setup Description
Real-time Tracking Show vehicle locations and status in real time on a map in a standard web browser. Read more
Trip and Idle Report Improve fleet utilization with trip and idle time reports. Read more
Flexible Business Alerts Configure Event Rules to get business specific alerts in the web application, over email and SMS. Read more
Dispatch Integrated dispatch solution including a field worker mobile app, job management, route optimization, and more. Read more
ECO Driving Report Report that shows a single driver score for harsh driving, speeding, idling and seat belt violations. Read more
Driver Journal Use this report to separate Private and Business trips for taxation purposes. Read more
Vehicle Maintenance Create maintenance alerts for your fleet based on time and distance intervals. Show reports for maintenance history. Read more
Device Management Manage multiple devices as groups with batch commands. Read more
Temperature Monitoring Show high/low temperature alerts. Show temperature report with Min/Max/Avg temperature for trip verification. Read more
Garmin Dispatch Create and assign jobs to vehicles and send jobs to a Garmin PND. Read more
Speeding Alert Alert when vehicle moves above set speed limits. Alerts in application, over email and SMS. Read more
Time On Site Report Show time spent on sites to improve work efficiency. Perfect for sales and service organizations. Read more
Sites NOT Visited Report Show sites that have been missed. Perfect for sales and service organizations. Read more
Mobile web application Access your fleet with a simplified web interface, including dashboards, from mobile devices. Read more
Area Search Visual search tool that lets you select an area on the map to find matching track and event history. Read more
Security Tracking Real time SOS alerts from vehicles displayed on map and sent over email and SMS. Read more
Fuel report with OBDII/CanBus Show daily Fuel Consumption Report based on OBDII or CanBus data to improve fleet economy.
Unauthorized Vehicle Usage Alert when a vehicle moves or leaves a designated area outside authorized hours. Read more
Publish vehicles on the web Automatic code generation to embed map with real time vehicle fleet on external web page. Read more
Heavy Equipment Monitoring Geofence construction sites with breach alert. Time on Site Report can be used for billing. Read more
Rental Car Monitoring Alert if rental car leaves preset area (like county or country). Optional speeding alerts for added safety. Read more
Map Icon Clustering Automatic clustering of multiple objects to reduce clutter on busy map. Read more
Custom Map Icons Assign custom icons to map objects. Use icon library or upload your own icons. Read more
Driver Chat Chat between operator and driver with mobile phone or Garmin device. Read more
Complex Usage

These setups offer limited value and require complex implementation procedures. Avoid them unless you have very specific customer cases and the required skills. Please contact us if you have requirements in these areas.

Usage Value Setup Description
External System Integration Connect to external systems with REST API. A vast area that requires developer skills. Read more
Fuel report with analog sensor Show rough fuel consumption report. Analog fuel meters give inaccurate values.

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