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All inclusive hosted service

The service includes a GpsGate Server with Google Maps and SMS messaging hosted by GpsGate.

GpsGate Server Starter Pack - 30 day free trial!
GpsGate Server Starter Pack - Including 5 Subscriptions, Monthly: 30 day free trial, then USD $49.75/ EUR €37.50 monthly

(Product ID 300314294)

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Within 30 days from purchase you can cancel your StarterPack free of charge. After the 30 day trial you will be charged for the StarterPack on a monthly basis.

GpsGate Server Subscriptions

If you want to track more than five devices you can add subscriptions to your hosted server using the link below.

GpsGate Server Subscription, Monthly: USD $9.95 / EUR €7.50

(Product ID 300193697)

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How many Subscriptions do you need?

All devices sending data to your server require a subscription (e.g. vehicles, assets and users with personal trackers). Operators and Administrators are free. For example if you have 25 vehicles, 5 operators and 2 Administrator you need 25 GpsGate Server Subscriptions. You can combine 1 StarterPack with 20 Server Subscriptions or you can purchase 25 Server Subscriptions.

Partner pricing

Partner pricing is available for GpsGate products to help you succeed with your business. We are looking forward to working with you, so please contact us for further discussions.

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding GpsGate Server Subscriptions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms and conditions

You can cancel a subscription at any time by sending an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). If you cancel a subscription the corresponding application will stop working after the subscription period has ended. Subscription fees are paid monthly or yearly in advance. Free updates of the service are included in the subscription. Paid subscriptions are not refunded.

GpsGate Server Subscription Agreement


The minimum number of subscriptions on a server is five, so you need at least one GpsGate Server StarterPack or five GpsGate Server Subscriptions.

SMS support is included in the GpsGate Server Subscriptions. Up to 25 outgoing SMS per month are included per subscription. 

Google Maps and Google geocoding services are included.

Fees from your mobile operators are not included.

VAT information

Pricing on this page is shown excluding VAT and other taxes. Purchases are done through our financial partner Share-it (shareit.com) and any applicable taxes are added to the price and shown on the purchase page. Companies inside the EU do not pay VAT if they submit their VAT ID during the ordering process.