Eco Report (Detailed) EC1001

The EC1001 report counts the number of event occurences and assigns Points based on the weight settings for each event type. The accumulated number of points is deducted from 100 resulting in a driver score (A driver without any harsh events gets a score of 100 and a driver with too many harsh events gets a score of 0).

To get the Points the number of events divided with the distance is multiplied with the weight (NoOfEvents / Distance) * EventWeight

HarshAccWeight Harsh acceleration event weight
HarshBreakWeight Harsh braking event weight
HarshTurnWeight Harsh turning event weight
HarshSpeedWeight Over speeding event weight
IdleWeight Idling event weight


Eco Report


This report requires a device capable of detecting Harsh signals (eg. harsh acceleration, harsh breaking, harsh cornering). Typically, this feature is included in devices that have an accelerometer included in the hardware.

Sample tracking devices

Examples of compatible devices with setup instructions for ECO reports: Atrack, Teltonika, Wonderproud, Systech, Cellocator

  1. Update/Install “Eco Report” from SiteAdmin -> Plugins
  2. To activate the report for an application, follow this guide

For further details and installation steps, follow this guide.

To understand more about the features of each ECO reports, we recommend to read this guide.

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