Fuel Report (Daily) FU1004

The report contains the date, total distance, maximum and average speed, the duration of the vehicle driving, fuel consumption and fuel efficiency, as well as the total amount of fuel used.

The values are also aggregated for the whole fleet on a daily basis.

The report is intended for transportation companies, and other vehicle fleets with similar trip patterns.


Fuel Report

  • A supported device compatible with a fuel level sensor installed.

    * You can search for devices that support fuel level reading by searching using the keyword “fuel” here.
Sample tracking devices

A supported device capable of reading fuel status from the vehicle.

  1. Update/Install Fuel Report from SiteAdmin > Plugins.
  2. Activate the report in your application.
  3. Choosing the correct Input from your device, select Fuel level variable in the Device Mapper.

    How to map using a compatible device with fuel reading capabilities (example)
    How to map using a compatible device with CANBUS fuel reading capabilities (example)
  • More information about the Device Mapper here.


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