Sites not Visited TS1006

Use this report to see what sites have not been visited by a vehicle.

Shows a list of the POI’s or Geofences that have not been visited in the selected time period.


Time on Site Report

  • A set of Point of interest or Geofences and an Event Rule that triggers an event when a vehicle is at a POI or Geofence location.
  • One event rule for POIs or Geofences. You need to create separate event rules for POI’s and Geofences and it is recommended to create one event rule per POI Category and Geofence Tag.
Sample tracking devices

This report works with any device.

  1. Install Time On Site Report from Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins.
  2. To activate the report for an application, follow this guide
  3. Activate an instance of that report following this guide
  4. Follow the Geofence visit report guide to know how to use this report with Geofences.
  5. Follow the POI visit report guide to know how to use this report with POIs.

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