Sites not Visited (POI) TS1007

Note: this report has been replaced by TS1009.

Use this report to see what sites have not been visited by a vehicle.

Shows a list of the POI’s that have not been visited in the selected time period.


Time on Site Report


A set of POI’s (Point of Interest) and an event rule that triggers an event when a vehicle is at a POI location.

  1. Update/Install “Time On Site Report” from SiteAdmin -> Plugins. Note that you may also need to update to the latest version of the plugins “Core”, “Reporting” and “PointsOfInterest”.
  2. To activate the report for an application, follow this guide
  3. Create POI’s. You can import POI’s in CSV or KML format. To import POI’s, see the help section when selecting “Points of Interest” in SiteAdmin -> Import. For a guide on importing from KML, see this video tutorial

The Time on Site report requires setting up one or several event rules for POI’s. It is recommended to create one event rule per category. This helps to avoid potential confusion when locations of different categories overlap.

Create a POI event rule

  1. Log in to the VehicleTracker application with a user that can edit event rules
  2. Add a new event rule
  3. In the event rule wizard step “1. Rule name and description”, give the event rule a suitable name. The name shows up in the Time on Site reports and should describe the included location category. For example, if the event rule should trigger on locations of category “Warehouse”, you can name the event rule “Warehouse”.
  4. In the event rule wizard step “4. Expressions”, add a “Points of Interest” expression and select the POI category the rule should trigger on. You can optionally select the event to be a “Delayed event”, requiring that a vehicle is at the location for a specified amount of minutes before triggering the event.
  5. In the event rule wizard step “5. Notifications”, add a “Report Argument” notifier. Give it a name and set the Value to [POI_ID]
    Click OK, and Next.
  6. In step “6. Presentation”, uncheck the “Show in map view” check-box if you do not want the event rule to create alerts on the map.
  7. Save the event rule.

Create a Time on Site report

  1. Log in to the VehicleTracker application with a user that can edit reports
  2. Click on “Reports / Manage Reports” and open the Time on Site Report you want to setup
  3. Select the Event Rules and POI category for the report
  4. Save the report


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