Fleet Usage Reporting

Historical tracks

Do you know where your vehicles have been and how they are used?

With GpsGate VehicleTracker you can check where your vehicles have been at any given point in time.

You might get a complaint about a service that has not been delivered or that one of your trucks has been speeding outside a school. If you have a policy that your vehicles should not be used during the weekend, you can use GpsGate VehicleTracker to verify that this policy is followed.

Business value

Customers using GpsGate VehicleTracker for analyzing historical data report savings both on fuel consumption and better customer satisfaction due to improved follow up capability. You can optimize the utilization of the fleet and avoid unnecessary idle time. You can also answer customer questions about undelivered services,  and take action for improvements.

How does it work?

GpsGate VehicleTracker stores the usage history for your vehicles so that you can see the status and the position of each vehicle at any point in time. You can check the routes vehicles have taken and how fast they have driven. You can generate reports on vehicle usage on regular basis and drill into details for a specific vehicle. The system also registers how much time every vehicle spent on each address that was visited.

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