LRA Constructora saves 8000 liters of fuel every month using GpsGate solutions

Surtrack, located in Chile, worked with their customer LRA Constructora in a solution to save 8000 liters of diesel every month using fuel sensors and GPS devices that work together with script expressions in GpsGate Server. This method improved fuel consumption detection accuracy and allowed their customer to save money and fuel.

Description of business problem

LRA Constructora located in Chile, had the requirement of having an efficient way to measure fuel consumption. They needed to know the total number of delivered liters of fuel from fuel-refill trucks that deliver fuel to minor vehicles who work in construction sites. Before implementing the solution, there was poor control and precision in the fuel usage estimation. This was being caused mainly due to the misuse of resources and mechanical sensors. Sometimes, the operators were also loading several liters of fuel in other containers, extracting large quantities of diesel without the awareness of the administrators. This situation was causing extra operational costs to this company which required a more efficient fuel-consumption measuring techniques. Reducing fuel-theft, loss and consumption in the deliveries was priority that would make a huge impact in the economy of Surtrack’s customer.

Technical solution

The solution consists of sending information to GpsGate Server using a device that registers pulses per liter of fuel extracted. The sum of liters used and the number of loads are being calculated using a Script Expressions within the GpsGate Server application. They later use the results of the script in a fuel report.

Business result

“Thanks to the implementation of this solution LRA Constructora was able to save 16% of diesel fuel (a total of 8000 liters of per month)  and proved that the problem of fuel subtraction was much greater than the initial estimations. The solution allowed reducing costs to our customers where they have been able to relocate money in other sections of the company. Thanks to GpsGate, higher profits and improved control in the company’s units have also been achieved.”
Felipe Oporto Roa.
Surtrack CEO

Surtrack Chile

Surtrack Chile was born in July 2012 due to address the need of offering a GPS tracking system of the highest quality excelling in service and customer care.
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