Success stories

Success stories

MobiOne becomes one of top cold chain transport suppliers in Sweden

A custom solution provides customers with cold chain transport legal compliance, plus saves them money on transport costs. Find out how

Mobili saved $37,700 USD for their customer by introducing Dashboards in GpsGate Server

Thanks to Dashboards and Events, excessive idling was reduced to half. Hardware and software performance was monitored in a better way. Find out how

LRA Constructora saves 8000 liters of fuel every month using GpsGate solutions

GpsGate Server helped LRA Constructora save 8000 liters of diesel every month. Find out how

EPC dispatch vehicles 10 minutes faster with GpsGate server

GpsGate Server helped Electric Power Corporation (EPC, Samoa) reduce the time to dispatch a vehicle by 10 minutes per customer visit. This has a big impact on the bottom line of EPC business.  Find out how

Coppel recovers stolen merchandise and saves $2 million USD

By using GpsGate Server, Coppel saved 2 Million USD in 8 months by recovering stolen Merchandise. 12 Vehicles have been rescued and 5 criminals have been detained.  Find out how

Translurenije save 180,000 USD on stolen vehicle recovery

Translurenije S.R.L in Peru recently had one of their vehicles stolen. Both the vehicle and the valuable merchandise was recovered with the real-time tracking solution based on GpsGate Server. Find out how

Budget Car rental in Thailand recovering stolen vehicles

A stolen vehicle can be hard to recover. CCM-Systems delivered a real-time tracking solution based on GpsGate to Budget Car Rental in Thailand saving a substantial amount of money for the car rental company. Find out how

GpsGate Server helps reduce costs for Story Group

By implementing GpsGate Server, Story group saves money on fuel consumption, avoids unnecessary usage of the fleet, and minimizes idle time. Find out how

Fancy Transport provides high-class school bus transport services in UAE

As a result of this implementation huge achievements were made in quality of service and new opportunities emerged for Fancy Transport to get new school contracts and deals. Find out how

Concarz helps Car Owners save more than 740 USD per year with Mobile Dashboards

Car owners now know how their vehicle is used, no matter who is driving, thanks to Mobile Dashboards. Find out how

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