Support Videos, Guides, and Documentation

1. GpsGate video tutorials

Start here if you are new to GpsGate. Our video library covers many different areas of GpsGate Server, such as product overviews, server installation guides, and usage scenarios. Just press play and lean back.

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2. Blog with news and updates

You find the latest news and updates about server functionality in our blog. This is also where we continuously publish new useful guides and tips.

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3. GpsGate installation (for technical users)

Here we have all the information you need to install GpsGate. Everything from software and hardware requirements to installation tips and problem resolution. This is a place for technical users.

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4. GpsGate feature list

GpsGate offers a future proof GPS tracking platform with a rich and growing feature set. You'll find an overview of the included features here.

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5. Supported Devices

GpsGate supports dedicated GPS tracking devices, Windows laptops, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry smart phones. This makes the platform future proof, flexible, and suitable for large implementations with multiple device types.

Supported device list

6. Reporting

GpsGate comes with many standard reports that you can customize for your business. You can also create custom reports for any and all pieces of your GpsGate data.

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7. VehicleTracker Tips and Tricks

You have a lot of options when you configure your VehicleTracker applications. This section provides information on how to modify the user interface, set up user privileges, create alerts, and much more.

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8. GpsGate Server Plugins (for Administrators)

Available GpsGate Server plugins are listed here. You can find short descriptions and installation instructions for each plugin.

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9. GpsGate Server management (for Administrators)

Information about running a GpsGate server is collected here. Information about setting up your server, connecting devices, managing users and taking backups of your system.

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10. Business recommendations

Our business recommendations help you prioritize which functionalities to implement for the greatest return. We have listed the main benefits, their value, and how much effort they require.

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11. Developer guides

This is the developer's corner. Read about server side integration with Web Services, advanced report customization, adding your own devices, integrating custom maps, and more.

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12. Forum

You can find information and discuss anything related to GPS tracking and our solutions in the GpsGate Forum.

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13. Supported Maps

GpsGate supports a number of different map alternatives. The GpsGate Native map based on OpenStreetMap, is standard. You can also impletement Google Maps, ArcGIS, Shape files, Bing, Here, and more.

Supported maps list

14. Contact

We are here to help. If you can't find what you're looking for or if you need help, you can always contact us over email at

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