GpsGate Splitter for Windows Mobile user’s guide

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Note! GpsGate Splitter was formerly known as GpsGate Client

Getting started with GpsGate Splitter

How you install GpsGate. And how you setup GpsGate using the Wizard. In most cases this is all you need to read.

GPS status information

How to see if everything is working.

License Key

How to enter the license key.

GPS simulator and logger

GPS Simulator

How to simulate a GPS for presentations, development and similar indoor activites.

NMEA Logger

GPS/NMEA Logger. How to record and replay data from your GPS.

Connect to GpsGate Server

Connect a GPS application to GpsGate

How to connect a GPS application to GpsGate Splitter.

Using a (NMEA) GPS as input

How to connect a NMEA GPS to GpsGate Splitter.

Using a Bluetooth GPS as input

How to connect a Bluetooth GPS to GpsGate Splitter.

Advanced usage

NMEA Multiplexer - combine multiple inputs

How to merge and split several NMEA channels.

Sharing GPS data over a network and between computers

How to share GPS data using TCP/IP, UDP, Bluetooth or COM ports.

Some more advanced features in GpsGate Splitter

How to run multiple instances of GpsGate Client, close input when no output is used, block writing and reading, and more…

Download free GpsGate Server

Install it on your own server. The installation is free for 5 users.

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